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Lots of people prefer using fondant icing to pay for their cakes. This is because it includes many benefits. Long ago, people in the cake industry only covered a tall cake with fondant, but that is no longer true. Nowadays they cover the shorter cakes.
Benefits of using fondant icing
The icing doesn’t melt: Fondant has a consistency which resembles dough than icing, and due to this it does not melt when you place it outside or in a hot room. This makes it an ideal choice for wedding cakes as nobody wants to spend a lot of money on a wedding cake that becomes cluttered before the end of the day.
You can do more with the icing: The dough nature of the cake which makes it possible for decorators to use it for more than covering the cake. You can use it to decorate the cake where you can think of interesting designs like fancy bows and other decorations that resemble actual cars. With fondant, you may present your cake almost any look that you want-including the 3-D layouts. Your imagination is only going to limit you.
You stop dairy sensitivity Haines City Wildlife Removal: A significant number of people are sensitive to dairy products. If you’re one of these individuals, you are on the lucky side as fondant doesn’t have milk. Due to this, you can enjoy your cake without worrying about developing sensitivity to lactose.
Tips on how to keep your cake completely wrapped up
For you to achieve a perfect cake covering you need to think about some tips. These tips include:
Have an ideal ganache: there’s no way your cake will have a perfect end if it has a crude ganache.
Roll a thin fondant: To achieve a perfect finish you need to roll your fondant thin. You should roll it 3-4 mm or even thinner if your fondant allows you. To have a simple time you must use rolling pins with spacers.
Cut your cake : To maintain the bottom edge clean you need to neatly reduce your fondant. To achieve ideal results, you must take advantage of a pizza wheel. Additionally, use a super sharp knife or scalpel to trim the seam at the back of the cake. This plays a significant role in creating the seam neat.
Add colour: To give your cake an interesting look, it is sensible to add colour to it. For ideal results, you should add 1 drop of food color at a time and knead the color in your fondant. It’s common for the icing to feel tacky. When it does, you should sprinkle a little powdered sugar into it. All you will need to do is to gently rub it on the sticky area with the palm of your hand.
Seal the cracks: When you are applying the icing, it may break. When this happens, you shouldn’t worry as all you will need to do, is patch the cracks using little water and your finger.
This is exactly what you will need to know about fondant icing. You should use your preferred color and shape that the unit in a design that you are proud of.

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