Tour de France

Tour De France

You might end up saying;”That is Easy; It is a Bicycle Race.” And for the most part you would be correct, it is. But it is much more than that really. The Tour de France evaluations for human will, intent and perseverance. Like the Olympic Games, the Tour de France invites individuals from all of the world to compete to see who has the will, internal strength, athletic ability and desire to perform at super human levels. It’s quite fitting that Lance Armstrong has won this event seven days. Surely it puts him in the peak of the list of the best athlete of our present period, but it does more than that. It shows us that anything is possible; that is if you’re prepared to sacrifice and press on through any hardship. It is emotionally moving to watch Lance Armstrong, much like how American audiences fell in love with Rocky. A story any athlete can associate, a story that anyone who has ever made it through the rain, knows. A Superman, who has over come his kryptonite, not because he wanted celebrity, but because it had been there; the mountains, the competition, the Tour de France and even cancer stood in his way. He beat the odds, by shear will and strength and now he has shown us why;”We ought to Live Strong.”
The Tour de France is a race really one, which tries men’s souls. That is what the Tour de France is. Although Lance Armstrong makes it seem easy, if you are to watch closely you can see it is far from easy. And he did it with a little help from his friends; he got by with a little help from his Team Discovery Channel. Still in the end a guy who rides the talk, competed and did the seemingly impossible. One must ask themselves, if Lance Armstrong can do that, then certainly we could raise a fantastic family, certainly we can succeed in our own live and we all definitely can improve ourselves.
The Lance Armstrong story is a rags to riches story. He came from behind, climbed up, was knocked down and refused to surrender to hardship. Now he stands were he belongs, on top of the podium in the Jersey, that’s the colour of the Sun. This adversity he has over come has assembled a”strength of character’ unmatched by average guys. Now he’s given of himself by example to show us that anything could be achieved, if you work hard, play fair and Never, ever, ever, ever give up. We have so few examples such as Lance Armstrong; modern day heroes, which truly inspire a nation. In Lance Armstrong’s case he has inspired the World.
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