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Even today, all of us spend hours playing this addicting pastime, yet the majority of us have no idea where it came from or the background it has acquired. Even though the game has evolved throughout the years and has become even played online, it’s truly the oldest game ever. Also called the”wee battle,” backgammon started in Mesopotamia (now known as Iraq) about 5000 years back.

Backgammon might have been a popular game centuries ago, but only people in power were permitted to play. These prevailing figures of royalty included Egyptian pharaohs and kings. However, Egyptians called backgammon”Senat,” which was a similar form of the present game played today. Nevertheless, when the game began to grow and expand globally, other cultures soon took notice. Unfortunately, this expansion turned into controversy, particularly since the church thought the game was the work of the Devil. For years they tried to ban and burn the match, but backgammon might easily be performed without a board.

The most influential gamer Edmund Hoyle, known to backgammon as”Tables,” and wrote a book of rules for folks who had trouble understanding the concept. This ultimately put backgammon on the path to fame, as people are still playing the game now.

With the birth of the internet, backgammon has reached an entirely new level. The online version has not only recruited more players, but it has become one of the most downloaded games on the net. Surprisingly, there are thousands of clubs dedicated to internet backgammon, in addition to special software that you can download to play against others. For instance, motif backgammon has become one of the most popular free backgammon programs, allowing users to easily practice their skills and then compete with others. It can be found by looking for motif backgammon on any search engine including Google. No matter what happens to the net and internet games, backgammon will always be one of the favorites. People love the fact it is easy yet still requires a lot of attention and ability. With the ability to play backgammon online, it is a sure sign that the addicting pastime will be here to stay.

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