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We build Planetory Mixer.

We are the old and renowned name of Cookies Dropping Machine, Spiral Mixer and Bakery Planetary Mixer. Our factory is situated in Noida ,heart of Delhi NCR with 2400 square feet area,we have best quality of machinery and equipment to manufacturer cookies drop machine, cookies dropping machine, bakery planetary mixer, bakery spiral mixer. Our machinery's are capable of manufacturing best quality of products within the time period.

Planetory Mixer

Planetory Mixer is a modern heavy duty mixer designed specially for uniform Mixing by planetary movement of beater (agitator). Detachable cylindrical bowl with flat / hemispherical bottom of suitable dimension and Batter / Dough Hook / Wire Whip Cage Type blade is constructed out of SS-316 / SS-304 / MS Material. Detachable agitator is bolted / fitted manually by simple twisting action. The level of mixing is determined by the pumping effect or dynamic response that the mixer imparts into the fluid. When a mixing impeller rotates in the fluid, it generates a combination of flow and shear. The impeller generated flow can be calculated by using the following equation. It can operate at different temperatures and pressures for mixing different solutions and can also have internal or external heating systems added to them. Options also exist where spray nozzles, CIP, PLC and pneumatic or electric systems can be used. Systems can come equipped with hydraulic or electronic soft start mechanisms so that they start and stop smoothly. A planetary mixer is a device used to mix round products including adhesives, pharmaceuticals, foods (including dough), chemicals, electronics, plastics and pigments.This mixer is ideal for mixing and kneading viscous pastes (up to 6 million centipoise) under atmospheric or vacuum conditions. Capacities range from 0.5 US pints (0.24 l; 0.42 imp pt) through 750 US gallons (2,800 l; 620 imp gal). Many options including jacketing for heating or cooling, vacuum or pressure, vari speed drives, etc. are available.The blades each rotate on their own axes, and at the same time on a common axis, thereby providing complete mixing in a very short timeframe.

Planetory Mixer

Plantery mixer .performs mixing/kneading and deaeration simultaneously in a short time by rotating while revolving the material-filled container without using a mixing rod/blades or an evacuation device. Fully flexes its muscles particularly for the following materials and processing purposes.

  • Bowl will be jacketed for heating or cooling.Bowl will be jacketed for heating or cooling.
  • GMP / NON-GMP / FLP construction.
  • Robust construction.
  • High-Viscosity Compounds
  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Crank case design prevents oil leakage into bowl.